Active Adults - JCC - Orlando

Connect, Engage and Learn

Geared towards those 75 years and older, this senior club enables those who would otherwise be homebound, to get out, meet new people and enjoy themselves in the company of peers.

Events to Get Excited About

Nov 22nd – Harriet Weiss with Jewish Humor

Nov 29th – Chanukah party

Dec 6th – Right Choice presentation with Luncheon and right after we will have the 13th years old Shir on stage, singing and performing to us. This girl is amazing…J

Dec 13th – cantor Kim singer. Chazak Chazak V’nitchazek. This week we conclude the reading of Bereshit (Genesis). In honor of this milestone, we’ll sing our way through the first book of Torah.

Dec 20th – Harriet Weiss with Jewish Humor

Dec 27th – Chris Bouille singer (Elvis, Neil Diamond songs).

Jan 3rd – Maitland performance arts will bring us a music duo by Robert and Jon, each first Monday of the month.