Tennis - JCC - Orlando

Experience our brand new tennis facility!

Opened in Summer 2022, our state-of-the-art facility offers five outdoor tennis courts that are all lighted for extended play!

Featuring Director of Racquet Sports/Head Coach Vladamir Obradovic


Our Facilities

Opened in Summer 2022, our state-of-the-art facility offers five outdoor tennis courts that are all lighted for extended play, heated lap swimming pool, cross-training field, and a weight room that features a full line of cardio, strength and fitness equipment. We also have a pilates and yoga studio, study rooms, locker rooms and a café on site.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest level of tennis training and to ensure that our clients enjoy a consistently excellent tennis experience.

We are committed to helping each and every player reach and exceed their personal potential all while being challenged and having fun.

Anyone from children just getting introduced to tennis for the first time, to high school players, competitive juniors, adults, and our full-time professionals will be able to enjoy our top-notch programs in a fun, challenging, and professional environment.


REVOLUTION Academy Junior Tennis Program is designed to give each child the chance to develop the proper technique, movement, and hand-eye coordination to foster a love for the sport.

Each of the programs offers optimal training for junior development, using age-appropriate court size and equipment, and encourages a fun environment.


Red Ball: Ages 3-5

This group uses a red tennis ball that’s slightly bigger in size and has lower compression and therefore moves at a slower speed, allowing your little one to get a feel for the game. At this age, kids use a small court of 36 feet and use smaller racquets

Orange Ball: Ages 5-8

This group trains on a larger sized court of 60 ft and uses an orange ball that has the appropriate compression. This ball allows children to play in their “strike zone”. The lower bounce will allow the player to develop basic patterns and spins. The player will also use appropriate length racquets.

Green Ball: Ages 8-10

This group is designed for children 10 and under and works on a regular sized court. Players will use a green ball, with slightly less compression which will allow them to fully develop their technique and skills needed to move into competitive play.

Yellow Ball: Ages 10 and up

The yellow ball group is designed to teach technique and tactics while preparing players for high school and tournament competitions. The recommended age is 10 and up but is open to younger students, given proper evaluation and permission.


  • Youth Enrichment Classes
  • Tennis Academy
  • Individual/Group Lessons


  • Adult Clinics
  • Tennis Leagues
  • Tournaments