Group Exercise: Strength in numbers!

We welcome everyone to attend our group exercise classes—regardless of whether you’re experienced or novice, older or younger, Jewish or not, male or female...there’s a place at the JCC for everyone to become their healthiest and happiest.

With our classes, we build an incredible sense of community—after all, it’s our middle name.

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Class Schedule

Class 1  Integrity  (July 7th)
Yoga: for Back Pain & Spinal Integrity
Meditation: Pillar of Light
Lesson: Svadhyaya, self study – Mindset Checkup - Fresh Start Challenge Option – Cardio Basics 15min challenge
Wellness Tip: Empowering Statements
Class 2  Stress  (July 8th)
Yoga: for Neck & Shoulder Stress
Meditation: Open Heart
Lesson: Ahimsa, nonviolence – The 4 Agreements - Curbing Carbs
Wellness Tip: Aromatherapy Grapefruit & Basil for focus and diet
Class 3  Leaning In (July 14th)
Yoga: for Sore Arms & Hands
Meditation: Willing & Supported
Lesson: Tapas, Discipline - Setting Meaningful Goals – Strength & Resistance Training
Wellness Tip: Alarms make time
Class 4  Courage (July 15th)
Yoga: for Core Problems
Meditation: Chakra Alignment
Lesson: Satya, Truthfulness – Chakras Creating Energy - Fresh Challenge Go Greens
Wellness Tip: Garden Goals
Class 5  Flexibility (July 21st)
Yoga: for tight Hips & Hamstrings
Meditation: Clouds
Lesson: Saucha, Cleanliness - Wheel of Life – Stretch Goals
Wellness Tip: Keeping it clean
Class 6  Ground Down (July 22nd)
Yoga: for Foot Pain
Meditation: Roots & Wings, Alternate Nostril
Lesson: Aparigraha, Non-Greed - Planting Seeds - Fat Burning Meals
Wellness Tip: Life Goals, Goal Stepping
Class 7  Anxiety (July 28th)
Yoga: for Headaches
Meditation: Flowing Breath
Lesson: Santosha, Contentment - Trust the Process - Apply all the things
Wellness Tip: Aromatherapy - stress relief
Class 8  Rise Up (July 29th)
Yoga: for Strength Building
Meditation: Pebble Meditation
Lesson: Isvara-pranidhana, Be Up to Something Bigger – Rewiring for Joy - Nutrition Hacks
Wellness Tip: Fancy Water