ECLC Reopening | FAQ

These policies went into effect June 1, 2020, and are updated regularly.

ECLC Hours of Operation

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Family Travel Policy (effective August 1, 2020)

If a parent travels by airplane, they will be asked to not drop off or pick up for 10 days from their return. The child is ok to attend school as long as the parent and the child exhibit no symptoms. If a parent begins to exhibit symptoms, the child must isolate from campus for 14 days or until the parent has a negative COVID-19 test.

If a child travels by airplane, they would be required to remain away from the JCC for 10 days upon their return and be asymptomatic the entire time.

If anyone in your household goes on a cruise, you may not return to the JCC campus (including dropping people off) for 14 days of remaining asymptomatic after your return.

People may travel anywhere by car. Should you travel to the designated hotspots per the CDC and Florida Department of Health websites, you will be required to stay away from the JCC for 10 days from your return and be asymptomatic the entire time. The hotspots are defined as counties on the Florida Department of Health website in dark blue as well as the states indicated in dark red on the CDC website on the “cases in the last 7 days” tab.

What is your sick policy?

Children or staff will not be allowed to enter the ECLC while any of these symptoms are present. They must be symptom-free for 72 hours before returning:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chills
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Vomit (1 incident)
  • Diarrhea (1 incident)
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle aches
  • Runny nose of any color 

When coupled with other symptoms, children who exhibit any of the symptoms listed above are OK to return to school after 72 hours symptom-free without the aid of medication. All other issues are governed by our current sick policy. CDC guidelines refer to 72 hours and the 10 days above for coupling of symptoms.


What's changing In the classroom?

  • K3 and K4 children will begin wearing masks in August.
  • All classrooms are operating at reduced capacity
  • Each classroom has 2 teachers.
  • Specialists will not go classroom to classroom. They will use technology to broadcast into each room to provide content.
  • To the extent we are able, children will return to the classrooms they were in prior to the shutdown in March.
  • Parents must supply a pair of shoes (they need not be new) that will be worn only in the classroom. Children will leave the shoes they arrived wearing at the entrance of the classroom and put on the "classroom shoes" upon entering the classroom.
  • The ECLC will only use space inside the ECLC ‘U’ and not the rest of the JCC. Only the playgrounds inside the ECLC will be used on a strict, rotating schedule to allow for frequent cleanings and disinfecting. This may change if deemed safe to do so.
  • Social distancing will occur by classroom, not by individual (e.g., students will be together in small groups).
  • The ECLC will not serve pizza or challah.
  • The ECLC will not provide snacks. Please send snacks in sealed containers for your child.

How is drop-off handled?

  • Drop-off will be from 8:00 to 9:30 am.
  • When you arrive in the morning you will park in the JCC parking lot as usual.
  • Please exit your car and have everyone walk to the temperature and health checkpoints, marked with a GREEN "X," outside the JCC entrance on the sidewalk. You will be able to see these spots from the parking lot; if they appear full, you are welcome to wait in your car until there is an opening.
  • There are designated spots 6 feet apart for you to stand and wait for a supervisor to come and take the temperature of everyone who came with you.
  • All adults are required to wear facemasks. If you do not have one, paper ones will be provided.
  • While you are at the checkpoint, one of your classroom teachers will be heading to your waiting spot to greet your child, comfort them and bring them into the building. Your child’s teacher will be wearing a mask.
  • If you wish for your child’s teacher to send a message or a picture upon arriving in the classroom, please let them know and they will be happy to do so.

How is pick-up handled?

  • Pick-up will be 3:30 to 5:00 pm, also in the JCC parking lot.
  • Pick-up will work the same as drop-off. You may park in the JCC parking lot as usual and then walk to a YELLOW "X." Prior to walking to an X, we ask that you text, message, or email the message below to your teacher (your teachers will let you know their preferred method); this will expedite your pick-up process:

          This is (your child’s full name)’s dad/mom/authorized pick-up person (your full name), and ready for pick-up.
  •  Your child’s teacher will bring your child to you, and check your ID (if necessary).

What if my child gets sick at the ECLC? 

  • An isolation room has been set up to allow children who are sick to wait for their parents. All sick children in that room will wear a face mask, as will the counselor/staff with them.
  • If a child has a temperature of 100 F, either at home or in our facility, they must be fever-free for 72 hours before returning to the ECLC. Their siblings may not return until everyone in the family is fever-free for 72 hours.

What if someone we know is ill or has COVID-19?

  • If you become aware that any person with whom you or your child has contact with exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, is advised to self-isolate, quarantine, or has tested positive or is presumed positive for COVID-19, you must contact ECLC Director Melissa Youngblood.
  • Siblings must go home if a sibling tests positive, a sibling is exposed to COVID-19, or a sibling goes home due to multiple symptoms of COVID-19 regardless of a positive test or exposure. If a sibling tests positive for COVID-19, siblings will be sent home and must remain away from the JCC for 10 days and be asymptomatic during that time.


Which programs are suspended?

  • Kids Day Out and Shayna's Village classes will not be offered.
  • ECLC class swimming will not take place. Private individual lessons are available (see the Aquatics FAQ for details).

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