Where Best Friendships are Made

Here at The Roth Family JCC's Richard S. Adler Early Childhood Learning Center, our family is your family, so don’t be surprised if parents as well as kids make new friends, friends for life. It happens every year.

Here are just a few examples:

Katie Van Brunt & Dana Selnick Katie Van Brunt & Dana Selnick

Age when they met in our school: 2 years old

Dana’s earliest memory of their friendship was when they dressed up as dreidels for a Chanukah presentation.  They ended up as classmates as they moved on to elementary, then middle, and finally high school, even touring college campuses together. As young adults, they traveled together to NYC, Costa Rica, and Israel.

“In 2010, I asked Dana to be the Maid of Honor in my wedding. There's no one else I could have imagined standing by my side. I have two daughters now, and they talk about their Aunt Dana all the time. Experts say if a friendship has lasted at least seven years, then you'll be friends for life. Well, Dana and I have accumulated twenty-five years... and counting!” —Katie

Ryan Finnegan & Harrison Sheplan Ryan Finnegan & Harrison Sheplan

Age when they met in our school: 4 years old

When they met as classmates, Ryan recalls Harrison being the same kind of funny as him.  They stayed in touch after graduating preschool, hanging out all the way up to and through high school, and then became college roommates.

“We called ourselves the ‘FinShepites’ for Finnegan, Sheplan and White — Ben White was also in our preschool class.” —Ryan

Rachel Falkner & Justin Presser Rachel Falkner & Justin Presser

Age when they met in our school: 3

Rachel and Justin met in their preschool class.  In high school, they joined the same youth group, and then traveled for their college tour together with their moms, both ending up choosing Florida State University.  Today, they live minutes from each other and still vacation together with their group of friends.  

“To this day, the JCC is still a huge part of our lives. Justin currently sits on the board of directors for the J, and my daughter is in her third year at the same preschool where our story began. We also recently had the opportunity to reconnect with our preschool teacher, Mrs. White, at a good friend’s wedding in Atlanta after 30 years.” —Rachel

Allison Driscoll, Claire Frenkel & Robin Warner Allison Driscoll, Claire Frenkel & Robin Warner

Age when they met in our school: 4

Claire and Robin (shown on the bottom of the "Then" photo) met when they were two in our preschool.  Allison joined their class two years later, and the threesome have been close friends for the more than two decades since.  They've spent time together at summer camp, during holidays, and have even lived and worked with each other as they got older.

"We are still best friends to this day, and we would never have had the chance without the bonding that began at the JCC preschool." —Robin