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Participate in Your Child’s Education

We’ve found children in our programs do best with parental support, and at the Weinstein JCC we offer many ways for you to be involved.

What’s happening in your child’s classroom?

If you are a current Preschool parent, please speak to your child’s teacher about how to access this wonderful tool!

Early Childhood Committee

The Early Childhood Committee is the parental representative arm of the Early Childhood Department. When your child attends preschool at the Weinstein JCC, you are eligible to be a member of the Early Childhood Committee whose members help guide the school in making policy decisions, reviewing standards, exploring new challenges and planning special events. The major goal of this important committee is the achievement and maintenance of the highest possible standards for preschool and childcare education and programming. Our parents’ input is greatly valued. The Early Childhood Committee (ECC) meets once a month in the evening. We value your participation!

The Parent Group Association

The Parent Group Association (PGA) is a branch of the ECC responsible for early childhood fundraising and community service projects. Its leadership coordinates activities which help the EC Department raise funds to enhance our facilities and programming.

The PGA is comprised of parents of preschoolers, as well as Early Childhood directors. Programs and events such as weekly Shabbat, Challah sales, school photographs, the Hamantaschen Cafe, the Basket Extravaganza and the Plate Project are all examples of the responsibilities of the PGA. The PGA and Early Childhood Committee work closely together to provide enriching, high-quality experiences for our children. And it’s a great way to meet new friends, too.

By getting involved, you’ll meet families like yours, and make your child’s experience a family affair.

Interested in learning more about our program?

Contact Early Childhood Director Donna Peters at 545-8617 or