JCC Temporarily Ceasing Operations

March 24, 2020

It is with great difficulty and sadness that we announce The Roth Family Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando will temporarily cease operations, effective the end of business on Friday, March 27, and will therefore be forced to release the majority of its employees. The public safety issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have brought our operations to a virtual halt, which has resulted in an insurmountable economic impact that we cannot ignore or escape.

The Roth Family JCC will reopen as soon as it is safe to do it. We hope to have our employees return to ensure the wonderful environment the JCC provides. The JCC will return stronger than even after it is deemed safe to do so.

We are not alone in this crisis. Our hope is that once the virus has subsided, we will quickly begin the process of resuming operations and providing the services our community values greatly. Certainly, this is not a decision we made without a great deal of thought. The JCC, like so many other businesses and non-profit organizations, simply has no alternative.

Our employees have worked hard and stepped up when this pandemic began. We appreciate our staff, their hard work and their commitment to children and families at the JCC; there is no more difficult decision than this.



Q: Who made this decision?
A: The decision to temporarily cease operations was made by our Board of Directors.

Q: How many employees are being let go?

A: More than 130 employees will be laid off.


Q: Will anyone remain employed?

A: CEO Keith Dvorchik, ECLC Director Melissa Youngblood, and Director of Finance Brenda McGrath will continue to oversee the JCC during this down period to ensure the varied obligations of the building and business operations are maintained. Our hope is that we will reopen in two to three months. The remaining employees will be taking a 20 percent pay cut during these difficult economic times. 


Q: Will employees continue to receive health insurance?

A: The financial impacts of this issue preclude us from providing health insurance beyond the contracted date.  All employees will be eligible for COBRA.


Q: Will these employees be rehired when the JCC reopens?

A: Our hope is to bring back as many of our staff as possible, but we simply don’t know how long this issue will continue, when we will reopen, and what services we will be able to provide at that time. Like the rest of the country, we are dealing with a variety of unknowns.


Q: Will camp still happen this summer?

A: We are hopeful that the crisis will end in time for us to hold our wonderful Camp J.  We will continue to monitor the situation and when we are able to confirm our next steps we will contact you.


Q: Will my ECLC tuition or camp payments due April 1 still be charged?

A: No.  All scheduled payments for upcoming programs will not be charged until we know when we are reopening and when we can provide these services.


Q: How will refunds be handled?

A: We are working to address that now and ask for your patience as we work through these details.


Q: Will my ECLC spot for next year be secure?

A: Yes. Your deposit secures your spot for next year. 


Q: How will the stimulus bill impact the JCC?

A: Until the bill is passed, we won’t have any definite answers. Currently, the bill includes a provision for an SBA forgivable loan to be used for wages and benefits. If this is included in the final version of the bill, we will apply for it and, if approved, rehire as many employees as we can.


Q: What about the Enrichment Academy and after-school programs?

A: Until it is deemed safe to gather in groups again and we can reopen the JCC, we will not be offering the enrichment academy or after-school care. We will continue to monitor the situation and let you know once we can offer these programs.


Q: How do I get my child’s stuff back?

A: In order to get your child’s belongings, please contact Melissa Youngblood to arrange a time to pick them up.  We are limiting access to campus so it’s important to coordinate with her in advance.