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Stay connected and learn with myriad of series and events that you can enjoy onsite or in the comfort of your own home. We are always providing our community a cultural basket filled with the best in literary, film, performance, and creative arts. Take the leap into artistic splendor as we offer monthly classes, events, and experiences that not only will satisfy but delight all of your senses.

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Lifeguard Certification

Friday: All Day

Lifeguard Certification

Ages: 0-2Years
Friday All Day

Learn how to become a lifeguard with the American Red Cross lifeguard training and certification program. Through training, you will learn all of the skills needed to become a professional lifeguard. From First Aid and CPR/AED training to rescue and teamwork skills, the Red Cross has designed a lifeguarding course that effectively combines both written testing skills and comprehension along with valuable hands-on training.

Dates and Times:
11th 4pm-9pm
12th 9am-4pm
13th 9am-4pm


Member: $425.00
Shaynas Village: $450.00
Community Member: $450.00
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CHECK OUT THE LATEST CULTURE GRABBERS THAT WILL STIMULATE AND SATISFY. Each week you can have your pick from film, to literary author events to cooking classes. We curate to meet your interests. Engage with us and let your senses dance!

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