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Get immersed in the things you love!

Our camps provide an exceptional experience that include a unique combination of skill building and exposure to new ideas in the area of YOUR choice. All programs include recreational swim by our American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Sports Camp | Grades 6th - 9th

Sports Camp is:

Camp J’s Sports camp program engages campers in sports of all kind.  As an elective based program the campers and camp groups will customize their own schedules each session. Campers have the opportunity to build skills in sports they want to improve on and just play and experience other sports as well.  Sports camp is the perfect blend of skill building and play. 

Our enthusiastic and experienced staff teach the skills needed for every player to improve their game.  Looking to make a travel team next school year?  Spend a summer with our sports camp and be ready to rock that Fall try-out.  Some of the sports included are baseball/t-ball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis and pickelball.  Recreational swim is an option for the campers in this program.

Sports Camp will:

Teach new skills within a safe and competitive environment.  Through individual and team tournaments, campers will experience wins, losses and learn the grit needed to take those healthy competitive skills back to their recreation and travel leagues. 

Our Culture:

Recreational, skill-building, and full of fun! Children will also have the opportunity to participate in swim during the camp day, as well as engage with other campers during flag and our end-of-day celebrations!

The Experience:

Children will engage in a full day on the fields and courts along with a period of optional swim. Children will have lunch, start and end the day with the classic camp J.

Art EXTREME | Grades 6-8

The Experience:
Campers get to unleash their creative beast-mode by working on large, exciting projects that encourage the discovery of their own individuality and self-expression while maintaining teamwork that is necessary to complete such large pieces!


A chance for teens to engage in forms of self-expression by unleashing their artistic talent.

Art EXTREME will:

Children will unleash their creativity by working on large, DIY type projects that encourage discovering their own individuality and self-expression.

Our Culture:

Creating high quality, arts and crafts projects using a variety of different mediums, techniques and styles while expanding your child’s creative skills and nurturing their imagination.

A Cool Fact About Art Extreme Camp:

Bring on the out-of-the-box, experimental, YouTube-loving fans! If you are a dreamer, a creative, an explorer- this can be your canvas for the summer. Experience the ultimate combination of finding your voice through different artistic mediums mixed with the edge of advocacy. Take the leap!

WOW Art | Grades 3-5

WOW Art is:

Let out your inner artists as your child focuses on expressing themselves through creative endeavors. Children will engage in a variety of artistic styles that will promote teamwork and individuality.

WOW Art will:

Help artists discover their inner aesthetic by thinking and working in different and creative ways.

Our Culture:

Creativity is too often snuffed out. Ensure campers creativity and curiosity lives on for years to come!

The Experience:

Designed for all the budding artists who like to think outside the box, draw their own lines, and make unique and impressive pieces of art.

Experience WOW Art and how it can spark the creative wild fire smoldering beneath the surface!

Release the Creative Kraken!

A Cool Fact About Wow Art Camp

This camp is for kids who like to express themselves in different ways. This experience will stimulate, motivate and inspire every inner artist while providing a safe space to let your imagination run free.

Cheer Camp | Grades 1-3

The Experience: Children will engage in a total of three hours of cheer daily, along with a period of swim. Children will have lunch, start and end the day with the classic camp J.

Cheer Camp is:

A specialty camp where children will build confidence, engage with peers, and learn how to become a cheerleader in our cheer specialty camp.

Cheer Camp will:

Understand the basics of cheerleading, along with the importance of stretching, stunting, and more!

Our Culture:

To foster a community of children who want to grow in their cheerleading skills.

A Cool Fact About Cheer Camp:

Our Cheer Program Director, Alexa Rydell, has been a Lake Brantley Varsity cheerleader for the past four years. In the Fall she will be cheering for FSU!!!! Alexa’s passion for kids stems from her younger experiences at various camps throughout the Florida region. She is looking forward to sharing her love of cheer and athleticism with her campers.

Leaders In Training | Grade 10

LIT is:

The Leader-in-Training program includes great experiences within the Camp J program that will help you not only in camp, but in school and life.

LIT will:

Develop leadership skills and learn what it takes to be a camp counselor at Camp J.

Our Culture:

Leadership is ever-evolving, and so is our world! It is important to engage in self-reflection and work on ourselves professional and personally.

The Experience:

LITs will spend equal time learning about what it takes to be a camp counselor and actually experiencing it in a group. Counselors will serve as mentors to LITs, while also engaging in sessions with leadership staff on various concepts.

Start forging your path to success!

Jr. Lifeguarding Camp | Grades 9-10

A Cool Fact About Lifeguarding Camp:
If you love water and have an interest in being a lifeguard this is the camp for you. Learn swim strokes, life-saving techniques, and amp up your cardio. This is an introductory camp that will prepare you for the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course.

Jr. Lifeguarding Camp is:

Spending two weeks in the water learning about what it takes to become a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard

Jr. Lifeguarding Camp will:

Gain confidence in their ability to help in an emergency situation and learn the importance of teamwork.

Our Culture:

Make a splash and gain valuable skills in the work-force as children prepare to become professionals in the aquatics field.

The Experience:

The program consists of 15 lessons which include, but are not limited to:

  • Team work

  • First aid

  • Shallow water saves

  • CPR

  • AED

  • Deep water rescues

  • Utilizing rescue tubes

  • Shadowing lifeguards

  • Surveillance

  • Rotations

  • And more!

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