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Israel Philharmonic Pre-Hanukkah Celebration

Sunday, December 6, 2020

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Israel Philharmonic Presents Pre-Hanukkah Global Celebration Exploring Music, Movies and Miracles

Featuring Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, Israel Philharmonic Music Director Lahav Shani, and special celebrity guests.

Sunday December 6, 2020 at 2:00pm

On December 6, American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (AFIPO) and the Israel Philharmonic Foundation will premiere the “Israel Philharmonic Pre-Hanukkah Global Celebration,” a multi-disciplinary program of instrumental performances, behind-the scenes interviews, and powerful messages of hope. The event will stream internationally, free of charge, to bring music and holiday light from Israel’s world-class Philharmonic to audiences around the world.

The event will weave together word and song, featuring Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, actress, and star of Fauda Ronalee Shimon, actress and model Dar Zuzovsky, music manager Kenny Hamilton, and other special guests. The Israel Philharmonic and its Music Director Lahav Shani will perform pieces from Mr. Zimmer’s acclaimed works.

The Israel Philharmonic is a shining light for humanitarian principles, artistic freedom, and tireless pursuit of excellence—and for continuing to provide accessible, inspiring digital musical content despite the pandemic,” said Danielle Ames Spivak, AFIPO Executive Vice President and CEO. “we are thrilled that Hans and so many Israel Philharmonic friends are joining us to spread our message of light through music.”

2020 was an extremely difficult year for the Israel Philharmonic. We are making every effort to assist the Philharmonic and I am moved by the heartwarming response of its friends in Israel and throughout the world,” said Tali Gottlieb, Israel Philharmonic Foundation Executive Director. “in an end-of-the-year effort and in light of the exceptional success of our Global Gala this past June, which was viewed by more than 500,000 people worldwide, I hope this event will provide the Israel Phil the support it needs to grapple with the enormous challenges still ahead.


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