BIG Night In

Virtual | Thursday, May 20th | 7 pm

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  • Ginsburg Family Foundation
  • Simon and Ellen Snyder
  • Mark and Caryn Israel


  • Halo Janitorial Services (Angel Curbelo)
  • Jason Chepenik (One Digital)
  • Moss Kruscik and Associates
  • Lowndes
  • McGriff Insurance
  • Andrew Feinberg
  • Presser Cohen Family


  • Teresa and Paul Finer
  • Jodi and David Krinker
  • Susie and Ed Kleiman
  • Harvey and Betsy Cohen
  • Abby Nelson
  • iVenture Solutions
  • Amy Witt/Derrow Dermatology
  • Jeremy and Rachel Scheinberg
  • Marc and Samantha Sugerman


  • Gary and Phyllis Gould
  • Stacey and Michael Soll
  • Marvin and Andrea Shapiro
  • Harriet Weiss
  • Renee Friedman and Richard Goldstein
  • Burt and Barbara Chasnov
  • Howard and Pearl Lefkowitz
  • Jeff and Michelle Greenwald
  • Rachel and Rob Gebaide
  • Jennifer and Jeff Tabatabai
  • Marc and Laurie Smith


  • Brokers Insurance (Felicia and Isaac Greenberg)
  • Providence Living
  • The Law Offices of Peter A. Shapiro & Jonathan D. Wilson
  • Craters and Freighters
  • Ali and Craig Polejes
  • Ed and Marion Bromberg