Literary Events

All year long, our literary events bring the best and brightest local, national, and international authors to our community.

Jewish Book Festival 

February 10-12, 2019

This highly popular community-wide event brings together prominent and emerging Jewish writers and non-Jewish writers with Jewish interest subject matter in literature, the arts, philosophy, theology, history and current events to speak during this day-long literary experience. Community partner with Writer’s Block Bookstore of Winter Park.

February 10, 2019            Leah Rachel Berkowitz, author of The World Needs Beautiful Things
February 12, 2019            B.A. Shapiro, author of The Collector’s Apprentice
February 12, 2019            Marie Benedict, author of The Only Woman in the Room

Author Speaker Series

Visiting authors will include local, national, and international authors. Some of the visits will be authors who are from the Jewish Book Network. Community partner with Writer’s Block Bookstore of Winter Park. Check back for more information soon!

August 27, 2019             Jenna Blum, author of The Lost Family
October 29, 2019           Adeena Sussman, author of Sababa-Fresh, Sunny Flavors from my Israeli Kitchen
February 9, 2020           Susan Tarcov, author of Raisins and Almonds, A Yiddish Lullaby
March 17, 2020              Marra B. Gad, author of The Color of Love-A Memoir of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl               
May 5, 2020                   Carla Naumbreg, author of How to Stop Losing your S*** with Your Kids