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The Annual Central Florida Jewish Film Festival is a cinematic celebration of Jewish life, culture, and history. Using the power of film to inform, educate, and most of all entertain, the festival challenges conventional perspectives on issues facing all of us. This program is part of Enzian’s cultural festival circuit and is co-presented with The Roth Family Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando.


20th Annual Jewish Film Festival


Saturday, November 10 at 8:00 PM
Orlando Science Center

“A grand slam!  Inspirational and exciting…a joyful reminder of why we embraced this team.” – Michael Jacobs, ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES

HEADING HOME: THE TALE OF TEAM ISRAEL is the highly entertaining David-and-Goliath story of Israel’s national baseball team as it competes for the first time in the World Baseball Classic. After years of crushing defeats, Israel finally ranks among the world’s best in 2017. Its roster includes many Jewish-American major leaguers, most with a tenuous relationship to Judaism, barely any ever having set foot in Israel. Their odyssey takes them from the Holy Land where they are hailed as modern-day Maccabees to the tournament in South Korea where they must debunk their reputations as has-beens and wannabes. The connection to Israel that the players forge pushes them to unexpected heights as they represent the country on the world stage and defy expectations.  Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Philadelphia and Washington Jewish Film Festivals.  

USA/Israel/Japan/South Korea, 2018, 86 min, Directed by Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller and Jeremy Newberger, Not Rated, In English

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An orthodox Jewish woman (Emily Mortimer, Lovely & Amazing) wanders into a wig shop on the other side of town.  She is quickly befriended by the shop owner (Adina Porter, American Horror Story), only to discover that nothing is as it seems.

USA, 2016, 16 min, Directed by Kat Coiro, In English and Yiddish with English subtitles


Sunday, November 11 at 11:00 AM

“An engaging comedy/drama…a touching film that raises some serious questions about society’s attitude toward the disabled.” – Hannah Brown, THE JERUSALEM POST 

Nominated for 8 Israeli Academy Awards including Best Picture, SHOELACES (aka “Laces”) tells the gently comic story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his special-needs adult son, whom he abandoned while he was still a young boy. Reuven's (award-winner Doval’e Glickman) kidneys are failing and his son Gadi (Nevo Kimchi, Footnote, Restoration)wants to donate one of his own to help save his father's life. However, the transplant committee objects, claiming that Reuven, acting as Gadi's sole legal guardian after the recent passing of his mom, does not have the right to authorize such an invasive procedure. Afraid of losing his father as well, Gadi feels he finally has the chance to do something meaningful and stand on his own, and he sets out to fight for his right to save his father's life. Co-starring the wonderful Yafit Asulin (The Women’s Balcony) and Evelin Hagoel (A Matter of Size, The Women’s Balcony), SHOELACES’ portrayal of a relationship full of love, rejection and co-dependency sheds some new and welcome light on people with disabilities. 

Israel, 2018, 102 min, Directed by Jacob Goldwasser, Not Rated, In Hebrew with English subtitles


Sunday, November 11, 2:00 PM

“**** (4-Stars!) Suspenseful…uses clever foreshadowing and symbolism to tell a creepy story.  Intense.” – Evan Crean

In this award-winning psychological thriller, a young woman, on a mission of vigilante justice, goes to extremes to seek reprisal against a suspected ex-Nazi.  Driving on a deserted highway through the German countryside, Lena (Carolyn Genzkow) arrives at a remote estate as nightfall descends. Feigning a car accident, she begs for help from the deeply apprehensive Maria (Elisabeth Degen, Aimee & Jaguar), who reluctantly agrees to invite her in. But Lena’s plea is a ruse to confront the aged patriarch Anselm Rossberg (Michael Degen, Hannah Arendt), a former Auschwitz guard accused of war crimes. Lena’s efforts to extract a confession at gunpoint result in a twisted cat-and-mouse game, as the three characters enter a standoff fraught with moral complexities and shocking revelations. Powerhouse performances and a taut script fuel this edge-of-the-seat chamber drama about wartime guilt and culpability across generations.  

Germany, 2017, 75 min, Directed by Astrid Schult, Not Rated, In German with English subtitles

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In this powerful and partially animated documentary, a Holocaust survivor in Tel Aviv relates the incredible story of jumping off an Auschwitz-bound train from Belgium while leaving her gravely ill father behind. 

Italy, 2017, 13 min, Directed by Matan Rochlitz, In French with English subtitles


Monday, November 12, 4:15 PM

“Vital…an irresistible look at a legendary life and career, but also an important chronicle of racism in 20th century America.” – Loren King, NEWPORT THIS WEEK

Sammy Davis, Jr. had the kind of career that was indisputably legendary, so vast and multi-faceted that it was dizzying in its scope and scale. And yet, his life was complex, complicated and contradictory. Davis strove to achieve the American Dream in a time of racial prejudice and shifting political territory. He was the veteran of increasingly outdated show business traditions trying to stay relevant. He frequently found himself bracketed by the bigotry of white America and the distaste of black America. And he was the most public black figure to embrace Judaism, thereby linking his identity to another persecuted minority.

Featuring new interviews with such luminaries as Billy Crystal, Norman Lear, Jerry Lewis, Whoopi Goldberg and Kim Novak, with never-before-seen photographs from Davis’ vast personal collection and excerpts from his electric performances in television, film and concert, SAMMY DAVIS, JR.: I’VE GOTTA BE ME explores the life and art of a uniquely gifted entertainer whose trajectory blazed across the major flashpoints of American society from the Depression through the 1980s. 

USA, 2017, 100 min, Directed by Sam Pollard, Not Rated, In English

THE LAST SUIT (El Ultimo Traje)

Monday, November 12, 7:00 PM

“A hopeful film, sweet at its core…an adorable Argentinean odyssey about a [Holocaust] survivor who makes his way to the land of his birth to repay a debt.” – Roger Moore, MOVIE NATION

At 88, Jewish tailor Abraham Bursztein is seeing his place in the world rapidly disappear. His kids have sold his Buenos Aires residence, set him up to move to a retirement home, and disagree on how to handle his fading health. But Abraham survived the Holocaust, made a successful life in a foreign land, and isn't about to quietly fade away. Instead, he plots a secret one-way trip to Poland, where he plans to find the Christian friend who saved him from certain death at the end of World War II, and to keep his promise to return one day. Comedic and poignant in equal measure, from Argentina to Spain, across Germany and finally to Poland, Abraham is on his own but also accompanied by the characters he meets along the way. With its klezmer-driven score, evocative cinematography and fleet pacing, THE LAST SUIT approaches its weighty themes with a light touch that illuminates a serious story.  It’s a globe-trotting surprise, a late-in-life road movie with planes, trains and heart that has won Best Film Audience Awards at the Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles Jewish Film Festivals.  

Argentina, 2018, 92 min, Directed by Pablo Solarz, Not Rated, In Spanish, Yiddish, French, German and Polish with English subtitles

Ticket Info:
Mensch Pass - $90 (All 5 programs, First Priority Seating, Doors open 30 minutes early)
Series Pass - $55 (All 5 programs, Discounted Admission, 2nd Priority Seating after Mensch Passes)
Individual Tickets - $12 (3rd Seating)
Group Rates (20 or more) - $1 discount on individual ticket

Passes and individual tickets can be purchased online at or in person at Enzian’s box office.  For group inquiries, please contact Veronica Jaramillo at 407-629-1088x235.

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